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BeeUtiful Skin care & Waxing brings the best skin care solutions closer to Central New York. Located in New Hartford, New York (right outside of Clinton) Beeutiful offers skin care treatments and nearly painless waxing for its customers.

While many skin treatment locations are uncomfortable, we have developed a tranquil space for you to relax. As first time treatments can be uncomfortable we take the time to accomodate your needs and ensure you the best experience.

We offer a menu of skin services which cover all of your skin care needs. Professionally trained, we offer any array of skin care for your entire body including, facials, back treatments, microdermabrasions, full body waxing and more.

We use the highest quality skin care products, to ensure positive results for your skin treatments and waxing. Along with our professional products we carry an array of retail products which are designed to yield you the best results during your at home skin care regimens.

Owner and Lead Skin Care professional at Beeutiful Kari Kiehn is a licensed esthetician and waxing specialist. First time skin treatment seekers should fret not, Kari being a hands on owner will be sure your experience whether its your first or one of many goes smoothly. Beeutiful Skin Care is dedicated to provide you with the utmost satisfaction and that every visit leaves you de-stressed, rejuvenated and on the path to beautiful skin!

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